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Contact Information

Peggy Bradley
19260 S 2125 Road
Fair Play, Mo 65649
Email: peggybradley1@hotmail.com

Traci Pratt-Guinn A registered nurse who consults on the recommendations of herbs. Traci helps us with possible interactions with prescriptions and possible side effects.

We are located in the Missouri Ozarks in a old homestead of ten acres. Here the tradition of using medicinal herbs is a part of everyday life. Many of the herbs we culture are those used by our early settlers. Others are herbs we have found in international travels

The Medicinal Herb Resource Center is a project of the USA non-profit Institute of Simplified Hydroponics.

Growing on our site are several well known herbs and trees. We use local knowledge for a large part of our research.

We also specialize in modern techniques for growing food including greenhouse production, hydroponics,and micro-propagation.

Our micro-propagation lab is now producing varieties of sweet potato, stevia and moringa. We offer our services to clients who need micro-propagation to maintain consistancy for herbal medicinal trials.

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