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Technical Support

Solving Problems

Indentifying the problem, is it a disease, an insect, or a nutrient deficiency. First step in identifying the problem is to examine the plants. Are they all showing the same problem. This is likely to be a nutrient deficiency. Can you see signs of eating like holes in the leaves. Likely to be an insect. Are there misshapen leaves and discoloration, it id likely to be a disease.

  1. Nutrient Deficiencies A chart of nutrient deficiencies in plants
  2. Insects A chart of insects that attack plants
  3. Diseases A chart of diseases that affect plants
  4. Sprays Natural sprays for Insects and Disease in plants

Servicing the System

Lighting Information about lighting in the greenhouse or indoors.
Hydroponics Information onproblems that can occur in the hydroponic system
Climate Control issues can occur because your growing area is missing a key element for plants to grow well

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