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Lean-to Greenhouses

We are Manufacturing lean-to greenhouses in El Dorado Springs Missouri. This is a community effort with several small businesses and at home workers participating.

Balcony Garden

We offer a basic hydroponic kit to set up a garden area in your balcony.

Balcony Garden


Basic Kit
We offer a galvanized steel lean to greenhouse that comes in a basic unit of an 8 foot by 7 foot lean to structure.

The basic structure is made of galvanized steel and is designed to attach to the south facing wall of a home, garage or shed.

The Basic kit includes a roof section, a front wall and two side walls.

The Side section includes a door.

If you wish to build a larger greenhouse, we offer an extension kit that includes a front wall and a roof section, so the greenhouse can be increased in 8 foot increments, such as 16 foot, 24 foot and so on.

Gardens for Sichuan- A paper on using lean-to greenhouse in a disaster situation.

Fabric Pots for the lean-to

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