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Forest Farms

Forest Farms

A Forest Farm is a privately owned forest that helps a family have steady income.

Some forest owners are reforesting their forests with more valuable trees species for harvesting some day in the future.

Others are restoring their forests to preserve wildlife habitat.

We have active projects around the world.

Madre del Dios Department, Peru

We are starting a project in Madre del Dios, Peru. This is an area of deforestation and we are proposing introducing the technologies of micro-grden, micro-foarms and micro-forest to people in poverty in Madre del Dios to change their lives.

Madre del Dios Project

Missouri Forests

We have plans for foresters in Missouri to encourage wildlife and establish vauable species of trees and herbs in the forest.

Missouri Forest Plans

We have a list of medicinal herbs that can be a part of your forest lands.

Woodland Medicinal herbs

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