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Micro Farms Project 1. Blackberry Fence Design

Figure 10. Blackberry Patch for the Micro Farm.

The blackberries are planted one per meter around the outside perimeter of the farm. There is a 10m space left for a front gate so there is 390 meters and 390 plants.

Blackberries need support and are traditionally staked on a row with a 2.5 cedar post (dug .66 in the ground). The cedar posts are 10 meters apart. Then 3 rows of 12 gauge wire is string between the poles.

In our farm cedar posts are replaced by cement posts, also, the berries are fertigated.

390 plants are expected to use 390 liters a day in water. That requires 2 200 liter water containers and 2 200 meter driplines - holes one meter apart.


In soil, blackberries are expected to produce from 7 to 9 kilograms per plant in the third year, and then live for 20 years.

In fertigation we hope to extend the growing season and obtain more fruit. But using the 7 kilo amount we expect the fence to produce (from spreadsheet).

Blackberry Fence Calculations

Labor to establish the blackberry fence 81 hours
Cost to establish the 390 meter long fence 2400 pesos
Cost to estblish fertigation line 1200 pesos Plants required to establish fence 390 at 10 peso each 4000
Return in third year 7 to 9 kg per plant 3500 kg at 10 peso kg 35000 peso per year for 20 years.
Cost 7600 peso Return 35000 peso per year
Note on calculations: Design is based on a 1946 publication from Canada that predicts the return of fruit in Canada from soil based berries. These beries will be fertigated and so the fruit production will be different, perhaps more.

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