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Micro Farms Project 5. Worm Farm Design

Figure 5. Worm Farm for the Micro Farm.

The worm farm for the project is designed to be 5 meters x 20 meters or 100 square meters of material surface space.

Each worm in the system eats half its own weight in material everyday so the amount of material added to bed should be half the weight of the worms.

INPUTS The Worms Eat

1) Goat manure - expected to be 18 to 20 kg/day

2) House hold garbage 1 kg day

3) Garden wastes 6 kg/day

4) Compost

They require water everyday 100 liters. Each square meter of worm bed will contain 1 kilo of worms so the hole bed requires 50 kilos of food material everyday.

The worms duplicate their weight each month so the worms produce 100 kilos a month in food for the fish.

They process 1500 kilograms of waste material each month, producing 750 kg of worm castings fertilizer for the farm.

Figure 6. Schematic worm farm made of cement blocks.

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