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Micro Farms Project 4. Goat Farm

Figure 4. Goat Farm for the Micro Farm.

A goat pen of 100m² is on the farm to use for 3 female goats. The primary reason for the goats on the farm is to provide goats milk to the family and to convert silage to human food.


A 35 kg goat requires 5.25 kg of fresh forrage a day and from 3 to 8 liters of water(Sandoval, 2003).Food is a mix of forrage from corn and legumes. The legume field of 2700 m2 is expected to produce 2700 kg legumes and 2700 kg forage each year.
The 1000 m2 cornfiled is expected to produce 1000 kg of corn a year and 3000 kg of silage.

At 5.25 kg food a day teh goats will eat 15.75kg day in silage and the two fields will produce 15.61 kg day.

Question for Sandoval, is the silage from corn and legumes a good enough diet for goat? What should be supplimented?

Water required by goats is from 3 to 8 liters per day. So the three will use from 9 to 27 liters a day in water.


The goats are expected to produce from 3 to 6 liters of goat milk a day and 3 to 6 kids in a year

Goats milk is used by family primarily for children under 5. The milk is very nutritious and if each child is given a liter a day, keep the child alive.

Goat wastes per day.

Períod of gestastion 150 days

Number of kids 1 to 3

days until weaning 50 to 60 days

adult weights
Saanen goat 45-55 kg
Anglo nubian goat 35-45 kg
amount of meat edible 50-55%
Milk 1 to 3 liters per day per goat

Goat wastes per year
Solid wastes 1.5 tons a year
Nitrogen per ton 22.0 pounds
Phos P2O5 per ton 5.4 pounds
Potassium K2O per ton 15.4 pounds
Liquid Wastes 1789 gallons
Nitrogen 86.1 pounds per ton
Phosphorus 21.1 pounds per ton
Potassium 59.1 pounds per ton

The goats will each produce about 4 to 5 liters of urine a day and about 10 pounds of solid waste a day.

All goat wastes are fed to the worm farm. This is expected to be, with bedding, about 30 kg a day and the worms require 50 kg. For the NPK budget.N=99 pounds(45 kg), P =24.3 pounds (11 kg), K =69.3 pounds (31.5 kg).

Goats return from 54 to 104 pesos per square meter of land space used. Their place in the farm is important because it provides a very important food for children of the family. All goat milk must be pasteurized in the solar cooker.

Goat Team Luc Maria Sandoval Tehuacan Puebla Mexico

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