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Micro Farms Project 3. Commercial Garden Design

Figure 1. Commercial Garden for the Micro Farm.

Figure 2. Commercial Garden.

A simplified hydroponics lettuce garden of 300mē should produce 1 lettuce per meter or 300 lettuce a day. At 3 pesos each, this should be 900 pesos (90dls per day).

Lettuce can be grown in floating beds, a piece of foam floating in a bed of water, or in substrate. If 300mē are hand aerated each day, one minute each.

A substrate bed grower can be watered once a day by hand, or watered with a gravity fed dripirrigation system. So a substrate lettuce grower, gravity fed dripirrigation is recommended as labor saving.

Also, because there is so much space, the growers are constructed on the ground, with cement blocks or stones to hold the substrate. Since it is an onground and close to the ground system it will require protection.

The outside perimeter of the garden is planted in italian basil placed in ground, but also fertigated. This basil should repel insects and is and added value crop for the farm.

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