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Micro Farms Project 2. Home Garden Design

Figure 1. Home Garden for the Micro Farm.

Figure 2. Bed growers.

The home garden starts as 20 bed growers made from shipping pallets. Then more growers are added.

The home garden is 300 one square meter growers with media or floating beds (for basel and celery).

The home garden is used for common vegetables. To date over 140 plants have been successfully grown in the home garden. A few plants have been difficult, such as asparagus that requires a 3 year cycle before it is productive.

In the home garden it is estimated about 50kg can be produced every day, some vegetables are more productive because more of the plant is edible, or the vegetable is a wet vegetable or mostly water like tomato or lettuce.

The value of this produce depends very much on local markets and the quality of the produce. For example crops like belgian endive and radicuo are extremely valuable crops, while dan delion is not often so expensive.

It is recommended that the home garden include a diversity of crops, and that it also produce enough vegetables for the family (about 1Kg total for adults - 1/2kg for children). So, of the 50kg produced every day, about 6kg will probably be eaten by the family.

In addition to the food produced, the home garden will also produce discarded vegetable materials that can be fed to the goats, this is estimated to be about 25kg a day. All fed to goats, composted, or added to worm farm.

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