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Micro Farms Project 1. Home Design

Figure 2. House concept for the Micro Farm.
The house area in the microfarm is expected to be about 400 square meters. This includes outside landscaping patio and such.

Figure 3. Structure module.

The house for the microfarms project can be any material, but the sierra is a place where bamboo could be grown. So this suggests that a good material for housing will be structural bamboo. There is commercial bamboo available nearby Veracruz.

The house shown in the microfarms graphic is actually a series of modules 4mx4m arranged so the house is a double row of 6 modules, or 12 altogether.

Figure 4. Schematic.

The house area includes solar cooking.

This module should be a kit that can be transported to the site on a horse or a mule. The top should be 2.5 meters tall, and cross beams 4 meters long.

Fittings and structural parts need to be designed by an architect or bamboo engineer. The species of bamboo and size should be specified.

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