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Micro Farms Project Solar Cooking

This module should be a kit that can be transported to the site on a horse or a mule.

The sunstove is manufactured in Mexico by the Mazahua Mission and we are demonstrating these at the institute now.

The solar cooker and the home garden are considered essential in the micro farm. Currently women in poverty spend most of their time searching for firewood and other resources to cook food.

The solar cooker has to be integrated into family eating habits and it is tied to the home garden design where foods that lend themselves to solar cooking should be grown.

Experiments at Mexico Institute for Simplified Hydroponics.
1. Soy milk - We are cooking soaked overnight and ground soybeans in a black ceramic pot for about six liters with a clear glass top. This is part of a test to determine the best cooking pots for the sun stove. A black ceramic pot with black ceramic lid does not seem to keep food as hot as the clear lid. We have conflicting information about if we should use a glass jar or painted black glass jar.

So now the state of things is that I am trying pots and pans to get a feel for what works best. The black pot I think is generally too thick. Temperature only got 200 degrees f inside the pot.

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