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Micro Farms Project Email Record

Uzi's response to Peggy´s reluctance to use sewage on food crops.

Hello all. Irrigation with Recycles sewage water is my present research for the last 6 years after 35 years of soil science research and plant nutrition. There should not be a problem for irrigating corn with human recycled water.

Sub surface trickle irrigation make the use of TWW (Treated waste water) safe from all health aspects. we have the technology. It need filtration and care for the trickle lines. The development of filters with very little head and a clean filter for drinking will be of great interest to you. I'll ask the company to send you their list of available filters to operate under gravity force with high flow. Much better than the sand filters. They are also easy to self clean. 50 cum to 1000 square meter of land is equivalent for daily rain of 50 mm. That is too much at the beginning of the growing cycle and might be too small at peak demand. The operation of the pond and irrigation must be flexible . I will send you the single plant optimum demand of water during it's all growth cycle next week for corn.

I would not dump the human sewage into the fish pond . A better solution is to dilute it with the pond water and irrigate directly by trickle to soil grown corn preferably by subsurface irrigation.

Sewage treatment should be with care. Sand filter will be blocked very quickly. I preffer to dilute it and take it far away to the field to protect against diseases. Flowers around the house will be dead if too much Urine will get to them. Sand filter will not take the Urine out.

Best wishes, Uzi

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