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Micro Farms Project Email Record

Uzi´s response to Todd on fish pond depth

Hello Todd:

In the case of the fish pond a complete cycle containing: floating cages of ducks on the fishpond. start with feeding the ducks, the droppings go to the water and enrich the fish food, the fish yield increases and the food for the family increased. This combination is well known so for details I could contact the expert here, Dr. Snapir.

Depth of pond - Since it is near a village, special protection of children from drowning is needed the depth is important and so are the equipment to harvest the fish. A procedure for maintaining fish health will be needed as well. The higher the density the higher the risk. A fish expert is needed.

Once we go into details it looks that we need much more information on: soil type, soil depth, climate conditions year round, people readiness to such venture, village leader agreement and maintanance man responsible to do the job and communicate. Best wishes, Uzi.


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