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                        CURRICULUM VITAE - U. KAFKAFI


1934                Born: Tel Aviv, Israel.        Married, 4 children.


1955-1959       The Hebrew   University of Jerusalem, The Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot.


1959                M.Sc. in Soil Science.  awarded  for  a  work  entitled "The  effect  of  calcium carbonate, kaolinite  and  time  on  the  availability  of phosphate  to plants", under the supervision of Dr. J. Hagin.


1959-1986       Research Soil Scientist in the Dept. of Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrition, A.R.O., Volcani Center Bet Dagan, Israel.


1960            Special course for chemists in the use of Radioisotopes Weizmann Institute.


1960-1976       Head of research team of the permanent fertilization plots, Agricultural Research Organization.


1962-1963       Project director, and research advisor in the use of radioisotopes in agriculture in the Dept. of Experimental Physics, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.


1963                Ph.D.  Degree  awarded  for  a  thesis  on  the topic: “the effect of phosphorus fertilizer placement on the efficiency of phosphorus uptake by plants”, under the supervision of  Dr.  J. Hagin, The Hebrew University of  Jerusalem.


1963-1969       Lecturer in International Courses for Fertilization Technicians, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Development.


1965-1970       Co-investigator in a U.S.D.A. Project on “Evaluation of Residual Phosphate.”


1965-1966       Post-doctoral fellowship as a research fellow in the Dept. of Soil Science and Plant                             Nutrition, University of Western  Australia, Nedlands.  Prof. J. P. Quirk, Head.


1966-1972       Security Officer on the use of Radioisotopes at the Volcani Center.


1968-1969       Guest   Lecturer in  Soil  Science,  Dept.  of Botany, Tel Aviv University.


1968               Committee secretary of the "Mokady Symposium".


1969-1971       Chairman of the Israel Society for Clay Research.


1969              Invited by the Brazilian Government to deliver a special course on the use of                                                 radioisotopes in soil chemistry and plant nutrition, at the Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture, Piracicaba, Sao    Paulo, Brazil.


1970-1976       Head, Dept. of Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrition, Agricultural Research Organization.


1972-1973       Sabbatical leave: with Prof. P.F.  Low, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, USA                             Topic: Specific volume of water near clay surfaces.


1973-1976       Chairman, Israel Society of Soil Science.


1973-1974       Assoc. Prof. Soil Science, Hebrew University, Jerusalem (appointment                                             renewed annually)


1974                Chairman, delegation of Israel Society of Soil Science to the International                                        Congress in Moscow, U.S.S.R.


1974*              Visiting professor (associate professor), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


1975-1977       Member academic committee of Agricultural Research Organization.


1974-1976       Chairman, Organizing Committee of International Congress "Agrochemicals in Soils”.       


1976-1977       Academic Secretary of the Agricultural Research Organization.

                        Responsible for “research personal evaluation”


1976                Head, committee on: Solid Waste and Herbicide Use - for the Israel National                                      Council for Research and Development.


1976-1986       Member, Board of the Israel Fertilizer Research Center.


1976                First mission in Mexico. Initiation of a joint research of corn nutrition with the                                      school for post graduates in: Chapingo, Mexico.


1977-1980       General Manager of Research and Development “The southern project", an                                       interdisciplinary research and development of “glasshouse tomato production in for export”. Transfer of research finding to agricultural practice.


1978*               Promoted to Grade A+, the highest degree for research personal in the Civil Service, and Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


1978                Second mission to Mexico. Supervising joint research project.


1980                Member, the Hebrew University mission to Mexico.


1981-1982       Sabbatical leave, with Prof. J. Letey, U.C. Riverside, California. 

                        Topic: Plant nutrition under saline conditions.


1982-1985       Chairman, Agrotechnical Committee of R & D of  “The southern project”.


1982-1984           Chairman,  Management of Ramat Hanegev Research Station.

Regional research and it’s connection to Central research institute.


1982                Member, Israel delegation to Marks and Spencer symposium on export produce to England.


1983                Head, Institute of Soils and Water, A.R.O., Volcani Center.


1984                Member, Management of the Bsor Glasshouse Research Center.


1986-1998      Member, Scientific Committee, International Potash Institute, Bern.

1986-1999      Professor, Arid Land Agriculture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture, Institute of Field Crops.


1987-1999       Head, Center for Agricultural Research in Desert and and Semi-Arid Lands, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


1988-1992       President, Israel Soil Science Society


1990                IAEA expert mission to Equador, “use of radioisotops in plant roots study”.


1990                Mission to Ethiopia, assessing problems in cotton soils

1994                Visiting Prof. Tottori University, Japan

1996                Visiting Prof. Tottori University, Japan

1997                China - series of invited lectures on plant Nutrition. University of Nanjing

1999                Visiting Prof. Tottori University, Japan


Teaching Experience


 B.Sc. Level     


Course No.  71602      Soil Fertility

Course No.  71307      Physiology and agrotechniques of Field Crops


M.Sc and Ph.D. Level   


Course No.  71936      Mineral nutrition of plants -Laboratory    

Course No.  71938      Mineral nutrition of plants

Course No.  71924      Root activities of field crops


                    Ph.D. students       Thesis title                                                   Collaborator


1969-1971      B. Bar-Yosef:  Prediction of plant required soil phosphate     Y. Vaadia

                                               concentration by physico-chemical parameters.



1972-1975      N. Aharonson: Adsorption, uptake and degradation of            O. Alumot

                                    benz- imidazole system fungicides in a

                                    soil-plant system.     (approved)


1973-1980       A.Rabinovitz:  The bedding rock as a  determining factor of   G. Orshan

                                                soil properties and composition of plant asso-

                                               ciations.   (approved)


1978-1980       M.Silberbush:  The evolution of adaptation of plant                 Y. Waisel

                                                 populations to phosphorus-deficient

                                                 soils.    (approved)


1978-1981       Y. Spiegel:      Ammonium and nitrate  nutrition of tomato and      E. Cohn

                                               its effect on root knotnematode.   (approved)


1984 -1988      A. Bartal:        Seedling nutrition in the  nursery and its effect       B. Bar-Yosef

                                                on plant growth in the field. (approved)


1988-1994     U. Yermiyahu    Surface charge density of root membranes              S. Nir

                                                of melon cvs. tolerant and sensitive to salinity.           Approved


1989 -1994      D. Bonfill        Genetic expression of wild wheat as affected        H. Zusnak

                                                by soil type and parent rock origin.  Approved


1990 - 1995    Z. Henkin         The effct of phosphorus nutrition, shrub control

                                                and fire on the dynamics of Mediterranean Batha

                                                Vegetation in the Galilee.                                            Approved


1992- 1998  Patricia Imas       Chemical and biological processes in the rhizosphere

                                                affecting mobility and uptake of phosphorus by plants.  Approved


1997- 2001 Xu. Guohua          Pepper Seed quality as affected by mother plant nutrition  S. Wolf



  M. Sc. students                       Thesis title                                                   Collaborator


1967-1968   B.Bar-Yosef:    Relationships between  phosphate silica and                N. Lahav

                                             hydroxyl during drying and rewetting of kaolinite

                                             suspensions.  (approved)

1968-1969   I.Walerstein:    Ammonium magnesium relationships in plants and        A. Banin

                                             clays.   (approved)                                         

1969            L. Eshet:          Banana root activity as affected by root temperature. (approved)       

1976-1978   M. Miron:        Uptake flux of Ca and P by a  cotton root. (approved)   

1980-1981   S. Biton:          Dissolution of rock phosphate by bacteria. (approved)    Y. Henis

1981-1983   C. Rodgers:      Nitrogen nutrition in the nursery and in the field              S. Izhar

                                              on growth, mineral composition and yield of

                                             strawberry. (approved)

1984-1987   D. Zohar:         Wheat base stem nitrate content as an indicator

                                             for nitrate supply to the plant.  (approved)

1984 - 1988   Y. Yotal:       Salt and boron leaching in Jordan Valley soils.              R. Keren


1985 - 1990    E. Barak:        Yield response of cotton  to growth regulator               A. Marani

                                             application with increasing rates of nitrogen

                                             fertilizers.    (approved)

1985-1987    A. Sharon:      Combine fertilizers with herbicides, fungicides       N. Aharonson

                                                and insecticides.(approved)                                          

1985-1987    Z. Henkin:      Phosphate as a limiting factor in natural habitat      E. Noy-Meir

                                                management for grazing. (approved)

1986 - 1990  Y.  Bar:           Chloride  Nitrate  interaction in avocado rootstocks. ( approved ).     

1986-1988   A. Schuster:    The response of cotton to ammonium and nitrate in the

                                             irrigation water. (approved)

1988 - 1990   D. Ploda :       Effect of nitrogen and salinity treatments on      H.D. Rabinovitch

                                             yield and quality of Pepino (Solanum  muricatum)  (approved)

1986 -1990     G. Zafrir         Effect of nitrogen and timing of application      H.D. Rabinovitch                                               on  yield and quality of onion bulbs (Alium cepa L.) (approved).

1990 -1995      E. Brand        Magnesium salinity and calcium deficiency in

                                                cotton grown on deep alluvial soil.                 (approved)

1992-1994       Williams Lior  Foliar application of potassium and phosphate, 

                                                penetration into tomato leaves and translocation. (approved)

1991-1996       Zipilevitch E.  Eggplant nutrition in  saline conditions           (approved)

1994-1996       Sosnitsky P.     Salinity, potassium and N nutrition effect on lycopene content of                                                  processing tomato . (approved)

1992-1996       Borenstein M. Flowering and fruiting response in strawbwerry (approved)

1995-1997       Gipps Ami       Foliar nutrition and quality of potato               (approved)

1996 -1997      Shachar Gad    Cell elongation under saline condition            (approved)

1994-1997       Landa Arie      N and P in cotton growth Nira method  (approved)    Y. Saranga

1994 - 1999     Ben Uliel Gad  Melon growth and quality  (approved)

1997 - 1999     Berezkin Anna Mineral nitrogen release rates and phosphorus

                                                availability in complex NPK slow release fertilizers

                                                based on urea formaldehyde.   (approved)                  Aviva Hadas  

1997 -2001      Gal Tavori      safe use of recycled city effluents for Chick pea (submitted)  S Abbo