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Micro Farms Project Email Record

Todd Stong about fish water

Back to the wastewater at your planned site. Given 50CM/day coming in, am I to understand that all water going to all crops comes via the fish pond since you note its output at 50 CM/day? I am assuming the 4CM/day that goes through the hydroponics goes on to the fish pond. I think we may want to make a water flow diagram so we know what type water is where at each day of the month.

The waste water from the fish pond may easily be assigned to the corn and blackberries. Some may suggest not on the legumes, but I am for it too. Do you plan to place the fish pond water on the home garden and hydroponics? The "m2" noted after them in the list below the corn, etc. left me with a question for I thought you might have meant m3 there to define the volume of daily water going to the household and the hydroponics. Again a water flow chart of volumes per day may be a good communication aid for this project.

You may want of some continuous flow through the fish pond versus bulk changes of water. I think this could be good for both disease control and oxygen demand. As I reread your message ("recycle"), perhaps you already intend that.

You may wish to consider a holding tank on the site to assure some predictability and regularity of water supply.The fish pond in many ways serves that purpose for the crop water needs. Yet, I would suggest that for the family and hydroponic needs that you may want to consider some storage to compensate for supply interruptions.


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