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Micro Farms Project Email Record

Todds response to Peggy on human home waste issues.


Seems like we are on the move to some solutions.

HUMAN SOILID WASTE I understand we are on for a hyroponic composting toilet. That is fine, but we could compost that waste and use on the hectare. Recall a supply of vegetable matter will be needed for placement in this toilet after each use to assure efficient composting.

HUMAN LIQUID WASTE I would advise on collecting the urine for use on the hectare, in a 3 or 4 to one mix with water.

WASTE WATER - As to the water that goes to waste from washing, a grease trap and sand filter could be set up to remove the solids and that water than run off to irrigate some plants. With wash sinks a meter above the surrounding area there will be enough slope to insert a trap and filter and run a drain pipe out to the irrigated area.


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