SUMMARY    Scientist/Engineer with over 30 years experience in the Federal Government and private industry directing technical programs, research, and construction with professional staffs of up to 1100 persons and budgets in excess of $200 mil/yr, in the USA and for 13 of those years in Europe, Asia and Latin America.  Widely skilled in technology transfer and evaluating business and economic potentials.



EDUCATION                        PhD, Civil Engineering, and MSCE, BSEE, BSCE

CERTIFICATION                 Licensed Professional Engineer

AWARDS                               Adjunct Professor, Strategic Business Management (Graduate Level)

                                                Recipient of the Creative Thinker Award for an 1100 senior officer                                                                                     year long class at the Command and General Staff College.

                                                Medals: Legion of Merit (2), Bronze Star (2), Meritorious Medal (3),                                                                               and Asian Public Works.


LABORATORY                    Director, Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory (Federal), 420 staff

DIRECTION                          located from Alaska to Panama. Laser propagation, remote sensing                                                                                                of the environment, and UV identification of biologicals.


RESEARCH PROGRAM     Evaluated relative merits of research programs involving over

DIRECTION                          20,000 staff in Federal and industry programs to define which best

                                                met needs projected 10 years ahead.


CONSTRUCTION                12 years overseas construction in Europe, Korea, and Vietnam.

MANAGEMENT                   Roads, bridges, airfields, warehouses, long distant oil pipelines.                                                                                            Supervised staffs of 30-300 persons during these projects.


RISK                                       Formulated risk management procedures for Federal agencies.

MANAGEMENT                   Determined curriculum for a risk management school. Lectured                                                                                                 Federal Project Manager classes on risk management principles and applications.


BUSINESS                             Added over 300 staff to a private firm in 4 years by identifying

DEVELOPMENT                 technical opportunities, organizing respected staffs and winning                                                             competitive bids.


WATER                                 Developed designs for water purification plants that could be 

PURIFICATION                   sustained in the Developing World. Constructed 5 city size

                                                (10-40,000 pop.) plants with indigenous staff at a unit cost of less

                                                than 10% that experienced in the USA.


MUNICIPAL                         Directed an 1100 person staff in construction and maintenance

ENGINEERING                    of over 1000 business, industry and community facilities in a

                                                major European city, based on an annual budget equivalent to $250                                                                                        mil/yr (2002). Developed environmental standards for disposal of PCBs in NATO and                                                             disposed of 22 tons removed from city facilities.



GEOPHYSICAL                   Collected multiple sets of geophysical data (electro-magnetic

EXPLORATION                   induction, seismic, resistivity and bore hole), and mathematically                                                            fused to create high definition geologies to generate very

                                                accurate estimates of  underground environmental contamination                                                             plumes.


SMALL TOWN HAZARD     Authored study of conditions and risks faced by small communities

EMERGENCY RESPONSE   in responding to hazardous waste accidents. Prescribed training                                                              and solutions to overcome the deficits.


HUMANITARIAN                Designed and initiated the construction of a resettlement community

SUPPORT                              in Guatemala to include earth movements, sanitary and storm sewers, water supply and                                                        electrical distribution. Have also provided water supply designs for over 20 community                                                           systems in 8 Third World nations.


FILES                                     Developed plans and techniques for archiving 40,000 file cabinets

MANAGEMENT                   of documents on CDs with OCR conversion to permit global searches.


MEDICAL ISOTOPE           Developed technical and logistical plans for distributing short lived 

DISTRIBUTION                   (1-8 hour) radioactive medical isotopes to a 10 state area.


MEDICAL DATA                 Coordinated and planned the merging of over 20 medical data bases

BASE DEVELOPMENT      across the USA to permit single point, rapid access.


LAND SUBDIVISION          Developed end-use concepts; formulated basic engineering for land,

DEVELOPMENT                 utilities, environmental concerns, and roadways; and negotiated with                                                                             municipal zoning organizations to transform raw land tracts into approved projects for                                                  residential and industrial development with

                                                300-900% land value gains, prior to embarking on any physical                                                                                                 work.


WATER FILTRATION        Revamped technical designs and identified consumer market for a

                                                patented water filtration system that can assure 100% kill of  special

                                                biological organisms which are lethal to HIV, immune deficient, and

                                                chemo-therapy patients.  These organisms due to minute side                                                                                                 routinely pass through municipal sand filters and through home based under the counter                                                            mechanical commercial filters.


OIL FILTER                          Conducted a study to evaluate environmentally satisfactory processes

RECLAMATION                  to reclaim waste oil, metal and filter media for locomotive and                                                                                                 automotive uses, and formulated an operation plan for creating an economic business to                                                          address demand across the USA.


CONTACT                            224 West Main Street, Leola, PA 17540

                                                TEL/FAX: 717-661-7337