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Micro Farms Project Email Record

Raanans response on water issues in hill terrain of Sierra

Following recently Peggy's remark on the topography of Siera Negra, I would like to say that this type of terrain is usually eroded marginal soil. Under such circumstances, attention must be given specially to the Soil Conservation issues. This topic must be tackle from the wide aspect of sustainable management of the regional water-shade like reforestation, terraces ,living ( vegetative) and artificial fences, water ways, mitigating erosion, rain water catchments , local water reservoirs, drainage, draught etc.

Another angle is to tackle soil conservation in planning and managing particularly every microfarm unit.

Following Peggy's information that precipitation reaches 1800 mm a year, is emphasizing what I mentioned above.

Small rain water harvesting system, like small reservoirs has to be constructed due to soil topography, can contribute to soil conservation process, reduce erosion , slow down water streams and accumulate water for various uses.

In this hilly steep slop topography, every component in the scheme of Microfarm proposed by Peggy, has to be planned based on terrain topography. I assume that as a civil engineer and myself as agronomist we can mutually cooperate on this , but it should be done on the terrain itself, while now we are dealing with theory.

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