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Micro Farms Project Email Record

Raanan raises questions about the fish water quality

Dear Peggy and Todd,

Thanks Peggy for setting the issue of managing the water originating from the fish ponds and thanks Todd for suggesting to exchange ideas on this matter. I assume that Peggy would like Prof. Uzi Kafkai to relate and I hope Uzi will join too.

As Peggy suggested, let us all be informed mutually so we can make our discussion as an inner e conference.

Concerning the basic issue I would like to raise the following questions:

What are the characteristics of the original water using for the fish pond

? Do they have any salinity ?

Since in Tehuacan region some of the water resources are quite saline , this information is important.

The tilapia fish can support high salinity but legumes like lettuce, cucumber , onion and others will suffer of leaf burns and hindering growth if the concentration will be above 500 mg per litter.

I would like to point out that the water after traversing the fish ponds will be more saline compare to the initial concentration as a result of the fish faeces and evaporation.

Some of the crops like tomato, asparagus, beet, melons, may be tolerant to salinity.

Another question to be raised is what will be the irrigation method of the legumes, corn, blackberries and the simplified hydroponics?

If drip irrigation will be used than attention must be given to install enough filters since the water will contain particles that can clogged the nuzzles.

If the water from the fish ponds will contain high concentration of Nitrogen

Ammonium and will be applied by sprinkling it could cause burns to leaves.

It is important to know the nutrional level of the water coming out of the ponds and accordingly plan the fertilizers application.

Is there any laboratory service in the region which could be available ?

I will suggest to think of having in the ponds few type of fish like cat-fish, tilapia and carps to create more ecological balance in the ponds.

Another point which as to be clear is if the supply of the 50 CM of water a day will be permanently day by day . If they might be some obstruction I will suggest to have some reservoirs of water containers to ensure permanent irrigation.

I am welcoming comments and clarifications.

All the best,


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