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Micro Farms Project Email Record

Peggy Bradley request to Todd and Uzi for water work.

Dear Todd and Uzi,

Raanan has asked me to email both of you about water issues regarding the Microfarm and ask for you to work together.

The Microfarm will generate waste waters, from the fish tank of tilapia, 50 cubic meters of water a day, that can then be used to fertigate the following 2700 m2 of legumes 1000 m2 of corn 390 m2 of blackberries. 1 cubic meter of water for household use 4 cubic meters for simplified hydroponics

The water from fish tank can be with the solids or without.

It will have wastes of fish and blue green algae in the water. Water coming into the site will be 50 cubic meters of water a day,unless less can be used. This allows for the fish tank water to be recycled once every ten days. Alternately the fish tank can be filled on water days if that is not every day.

We also have other water needs all listed in calculations page on the website.

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