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Micro Farms Project

Figure 1. Micro Farm for the Sierra, uses one hectare of degraded land.

The microfarms Project is now beginning a second year, with a new effort to present this solution to international conferences.

Raanan suggests we begin with the following topics:

  • Local water resources for microfarm.
  • Recycling sewage water for microfarm.
  • saving water Irrigation methods for microfarm.
  • Using fertigation method.
  • Incorporating fish ponds and crops on microfarm.
  • Saline water and microfarm.
  • Water, irrigation marketing and profitability on microfarm.

The issue is that microfarm is mainly devoted to subsistence farming or small farmers in developing countries and our experience stems from advance farming in industrial countries.

So we will have to find ideas of adapting knowledge and technologies to the targeted projects.

Welcome to our online design project to design and build micro-farms for families now in poverty.

This micro farm is a project of International Institute for Simplified Hydroponics. It is being started by Peggy Bradley and Raanan Katzir.

The micro farm concept meets the design criteria of a farm for one acre of degraded land that will provide food security for the family and income. This microfarm example provides a total crop value of $50,000 in Mexico.

The microfarm is intended to offer an alternative to people now living in subsistance agriculture. This project has two designs, one for a mountainous region called Sierra Negra and one for a semi arid area called Zapotitlan. Both are located in the state of Pueba, Mexico.

Participation in the design is encouraged for anyone on the net. All emails may not be answered, but suggestions, drawings, thoughts will be posted in the sections.

Come join the design team.

1. House Team - Task- To design a house made of material available at the Sierra Negra region such as bamboo, testing some techniques like solar cooking and water gathering.

2. Home Garden Team - Task- To design a home garden with 20 bed growers to grow different varieties of vegetables for family consumption using media available at the region.

3. Commercial Garden Team - Task- To design a commercial garden in a 40mē area to grow commercial crops for families to sell and get an income.

4. Goat Farm Team - Task- To design a Goat farm .

5. Worm Farm Team - Task- To design a Worm farm .

6. Fish Pond Team - Task- To design a Fish pond .

7. Corn Field Team - Task- To design a Corn field under intensive drip irrifgation. Team Leader Dr. Uzi Kafkafi.

8. Legume Field Team - Task- To design a Legume field.

9. Blackberry Fence Team - Task- To design a Blackberry fence.

10. Water Quality and wastewater - Team Leader- Todd Stong Task to design systems for the farm that ensure quality of incoming water and proper treatment of waste water.

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