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Micro Farms Project Email Record

Emails: General Thoughts

Todd Stong - Initial reactions to proposal, Build in Success

Chlorine for disease control Todd Stong

Water team scope for human health in microfarm Todd Stong

Peggy asks Uzi and Todd about fish pond water for fertigation.

Todd Stong on fishwater clarifications

Raanan points out problems with fish water in fertigation

Peggy clarifys water flow questions

Uzi asks that the fish water analysis be given

Matt Stong Intro water quality in fish pond

Uzi adds comments on fish pond, raising ducks, danger to children

Raanan, general comments on topography, possible wetland

Todd´s comments on water requirements for the whole farm

Raanan´s comments on topography of the Sierra

Todd Stong comments about duck raising over fish ponds

Todd Stong summary of water issues with Raanan

Peggy raises issues of using human waste waters for non food crops

Todd Stong water needs for one hectare

Todd Stong summary of human waste issues

Uzi comments about wastewater use on farm, human urine

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