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Hydroponic Basics

Solving Problems

Hydroponics relies on a nutrient solution to supply the plants with the food they need to grow.

Build up of salts

The most commn problem in a hydroponic system is a build upof excess salts.

No matter how well engineered your hydroponic nutrient,there will be times that the plants are not picking upnutrients in the same amounts your nutrient expected.

This means that excess nutrients will build up in the water supply untilthe plants begin to suffer.

This problemis easily solved. Ass you have to do is flush the system. This is done by putting fresh water without nutrients through the system to wash any excess salts.

after the system is flushed, restore new nutrient water to the system.

Nutrient Deficiencies -

anutrient deficiency can occur because a nutrient wasimproperly mixed, or a problem has occured in the system operation.

Generally, a nutrientdeficincy will be because the solution did not follow recopein the first place.

  • Nutrient Deficiencies A chart of nutrient deficiencies in plants

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