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Natural Sprays for Diseases and Insects

Anthracnose, blights

Baking Soda
Deters insects

Deters insects

Prevents downy mildew

Controls Insects

Deters ants

Fungus treatment

Compost and Manure Teas
Prevents Fungus

Corn and Garlic
Whitefly control
Cotton Seed Oil
Prevents Mildew & fungus

Couch Grass Rhizome Tea
Blackspot & Mildew

Elder Leaf
Deters Insects

Eucaliptus Oil
Prevents insects

Deters animals

Hot Pepper
Prevents fungus

Horsetail Tea
Brown rot

Hydrogen Peroxide
Powdery mildew

Controls spidermites

Neem Oil
Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrient Water

Oregano Oil
White Fly

Live insects

Pyrethrum Spray
Damping off disease

Live insects and larvae

General Insect spray

Controls catepillers

Tomato and Onion
Insect Control

Vegetable Oil
Leafspot, mildew,scab


Spraying Basics

1. Spray the plants when it is cool, like early morning or late afternoon. When spray is applied in bright hot sunlight it can burn the plants.

2. Some plants will be too fragile to spray. Leaves such as bean leaves many die under sprays, so test each spray on each plant before using on your whole garden.

3. The sprays that prevent can be used once a week to control insect attack or disease.

4. Many preventions can also help such as planted beneficial plants like basil, oregano and pyrethrum around the garden or even in growers

5. Some sprays such as hot peer and tobacco are very poisonous and can be fatal if swallowed. If you have small children then it is best not to use those that are so poisonous.

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