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Easy Gro Training Course

This training course includes the nine 21 minute classes, and a CDROM "hydroponics and Microfarms" containing over 1000 pages of information on hydroponics and microfarming.

This training course includes the following 21 minute DVD videos

    DVD 1
  • Classs 1: Introduction to Simple Hydroponics - Video on simplified hydroponic gardens to produce food and income.
  • Class 2: Making Small Growing Containers - Video on creating hydroponic growing containers out of discarded or recycled materials.
  • Class 3: Making Table Growers and Floating Beds - Video on building larger growing containers such as shipping pallets
    DVD 2
  • Class 4: Substrates Instead of Soil - Video on choosing a substrate to replace soil to fill growing containers.
  • Class 5: Nutrients in Hydroponics - Video on how inorganic nutrients work in hydroponics
  • Class 6: Organic Hydroponics - Video on organoponics in Cuba using organic hydroponics.
    DVD 3
  • Class 7: Video on pest control.
  • Class 8: Video on daily chores to maintain the garden.
  • Class 9: Video on other uses for hydroponic products for income.

The CD helps to train others to set up gardens and to troubleshoot problems that might arise.

Cost: $19.95

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