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Soil substrate Amendments

Easy-Gro Training Course

Easy-Gro Training Course
A nine lesson video course to teach how to set up and operate a simple hydroponic garden.This course has nine 21 minute lessons that explain using hydroponics to grow food, either with organic or inorganic nutrients. It is used in training people in poverty and hunger throughout the world.

Simple Hydroponics Recipe Book

Simple Hydroponics Recipe Book
A CDROM which includes 800 recipes, provisioning information, nutritional guidelines and alternative cooking such as a thermos cooker and a solar oven.

On Line Hydroponic Book

On line hydroponic Book
Downloadable English Book Home Hydroponic Gardens - a 244 page book on setting up a simplified hydroponic garden. Written by Peggy Bradley and Cesar Marulanda this is an important book for people wishing to begin a hydroponic garden to grow their own food.

Hydroponics & Microfarms

Hydroponics & Microfarms CDROM
A 1000 page CDROM about hydroponics with information agout growing vegetables, herbs, berries, and flowers. Also includes information about Israeli intensive agriculture and aquaculture. Troubleshooting help with problems of insects, diseases and nutrient deficiencies. Easy instructions and designs to help you design your own "low tech" hydroponic garden.

Edible Flowers Kit

Edible Flower Kit
A complete kit to germinate edible flowers for your garden. It includes seeds for Basil, Chives, Calendula, Pansy, Sage, Snapdragon, Lavender, Mint, and Fennel. Kit has containers to start seeds, coco fiber and organic nutrient. It also includes a booklet on edible flowers and the Easy Gro Training Course. Comes in a beautiful flower covered metal container.

Home Garden Kit

Home Garden Kit
A kit with all the things needed to start a Home Hydroponic Garden. The kit includes the Hydroponics & Microfarm CDROM, and a full size grower, nutrients and growing media.

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