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Horehound (Marrubium vulgare) is used as a medicinal herb. The leaves are used fresh or dried. It is also used as a tea, mostly for cough and breathing problems.

Planting Info:
Grown from seed or by dividing roots.
Space between rows: 30 cm (12")
Space between seeds: 30 cm (12")
Depth: 1 cm (1/3")
Germination: 14 days
Harvest: 60 days

      Medicinal uses:

    • Used to solve respiration problems.
    • A cough supressant.
    • Used for asthma.
    • Loosens mucus and helps remove it from the body.
    • Normalizes heart rhythum.

Cold Preventative:

Horehound is used at first sign of cold. Crush 20 leaves, mix with honey and eat.

Horehound Tea:

Two or three springs of Horehound steeped in hot water for five minutes. Said to be first tea to use when starting to feel a cold. Add honey to sweeten.

Cut back all new growth and the plant should continue to produce for several years.

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