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Garlic(Allium sativium)are grown from cloves of a garlic bulb. The bulb divided into cloves and each clove is planted under 2" of media. The leaves look like grass and the plants grow to 18" tall.

Garlic grows best in pH from 5.5 to 8.0. They are usually grown from cloves of a shallot, and planted 1" deep. To harvest, bend the leaves down and allow them to dry out. Then braid the garlics and they should remain for a few months if left in dark dry space.

Garlic is know for many medicinal properties, and is a standard part of the diet of many cultures. It is known to thin the blood and act as an antiseptic. It also adds tremendous flavor.

Planting: Cloves of garlic are rounded on one end and pointed on the other. Gently press the clove into the soil with the pointed end slightly above the soil line.

Pests:Onion maggots and thrips.

Diseases:Downy mildew, Neck rot, Pink rot, and Smut.

Harvest: Harvest individual plants as needed fresh. Whole bulbs may be stored and individual cloves separated as needed.

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