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Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens) is used both as a flavor enhancer and as a medicinal herb. The dried and fresh fruit is used to form a tea or tincture for sore throats and illness.

Planting Info:
Propagated by seed
Space between rows: 35 cm (14")
Space between seeds: 30 cm (12)
Depth: 1 cm (1/3")
Germination: 12 days
Harvest: 90 days

      Medicinal uses:

    • Used to remove digestive parasites.
    • Removes bacteria and causes hot sweats to remove disease.
    • Reduces cholesterol.
    • Good for arthritis.
    • Antisecptic and increases blood flow to the skin.

Cayenne is used to flavor meats, seafood, deviled eggs, soups, chowders, gumbos, spaghetti sauce, barbequed beef and pork.

Cayenne Tea:

Pour hot water over crushed paper. Since juices are very hot, test before drinking. Tea can be used as a skin ointment to increase blood flow to an injured area.

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