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[Catnip] Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is used as a medicinal herb. The leaves and stems are used fresh or dried. It is also used as a tea, and live plants are used to repel rats.

Planting Info:
Propagated by seed and by cuttings.
Space between rows: 20 cm (8")
Space between seeds: 20 cm (8")
Depth: 1 cm (1/3")
Germination: 20-25 days
Harvest: 90 days

      Medicinal uses:

    • Settles the stomach.
    • Promotes sweating and fever reduction.
    • Used as an ointment to treat hemorrhoids.
    • Rat and Mice repellent:

      Catnip seem to help protect against rats and mice. It can be planted near food storage areas to detract pests.

      Catnip Tea:

      Two or three springs of catnip steeped in hot water for five minutes. Said to be useful for overactive child, or to reduce nightmares and sleepwalking.

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