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Peggy's Fabric Pots

We offer a balcony garden kit that is designed to be used on a small balcony or patio. This basic system does not include any greenhouse structure to maintain climate control.

However the balcony garden includes everything that is needed to set up a hydroponic garden in a small space.

Contents of a balcony Garden

1. Easy Gro Training Course
2. Balcony Garden Manual
3. Water Container
a. Barrel
b. faucet

Irrigation system
a)Backflo preventer
c)Pressure regulator
d)Nutriet supplier
e)Hose 1/2" 25'
f)Hose 1/4" 25'
for 8" pot 8
for 12" pot 8
for table 4

8 pots 8" diameter
8 pots 12"
Wall grower 1
Table grower 1

4 bricks coco fiber

Nutrients 1 set of nutrients for the nutreint supplier (4 month supply)

Bug Control Kit
2 spray bottles
Soap spray
garlic spray
bug spray receipes

Fabric Pots

Most fabric pots outperform plastic pots, because the roots of the plant have sufficient air to grow fsast.

Also most plastic containers will break down in the hot sun, sometimes in a single year.

Looking for a pot that would supply air for the roots and also last, we invented this pot using high grade materials that might last a lifetime.

Our fabric pots have a waterproof bottom that should hold a supply of water for the plant. This allows a plant to survive if water supply is stopped for a day or two. The bottom and top rim are made of weblon, a weatherproof fabric that is meant to last and not fade in the sun.

The aeration part of the pot is made of a high grade speaker material, a plastic coated fiberglass, that is made up of a weave with small holes.

The pots are getting better results in producing vegetables than a plastic pot with holes in the bottom, no water reserve, nd no air holes in the side.

8" pot

10" pot

12" pot

The wall pots include wall pockets and rockwool slab growers.

The tub growers are excellent for lettuces, strawberries, bell peppers and eggplants.

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