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Veterans Project for homegrown hemp CBD

This project is a test of home grown hemp CBD for veterans with PTSD. The test will be for 30 people who set up a grow operation under the Missouri Medical Marujuana Laws. The Institute of Simplified Hydroponics is the lead of this project and it is part of the Medical Herb Resource Center.

We are taking applications now for people who wish to be included. We will be going to a few festivals in the Missouri Ozarks area to help find people who may wish to participate.

Each participant will set up a grow room according to the rules provided by the state for medical marijuana. That probably will be a locked indoor room.

ISH will provide the hydroponic nutrient and, when possible, the hemp CBD seeds to grow. Each participant will grow six plants and part of the study is to learn how to grow the plants in hydroponic culture.

The participants will grow hemp CBD plants under hydroponics, and drink tea twice a day from the trimmings of the live plant.

We have some studies that show hemp CBD can be a help to a patient with PTSD. Many questions remain. Using live plant material is an expression of the Missouri Medical Marijuana laws that allow six plants to be grown by the patient.

What is required

An indoor grow room to produce hemp CBD plants will require a few supplies, including a grow light, six gallon pots, perlite substrate. hydroponic nutrient, and seeds.

Total costs of the grow room are likely to be about $300 to $400, mostly due to the cost of the light.

Each participant should have a medical marijuana cultivation card, be a veteran and have a diagnosis from the veterans of PTSD. For the first study of 30 we would like people that are not suicidal and do not have a substance abuse problem as well. We are likely to have extra donated hydroponic nutrient for others who wish to try hemp CBD, but they will not be included in this first study.


For our first study, we wish to see if our hemp CBD recipe is helpful with PTSD. Later studies can test the effectiveness of hemp CBD to help those who have a substance abuse problem, or are suicidal. The hemp CBD is too new to know possible side effects in interactions with alcohol, or drugs.

The participants of this initial study will need to grow plants and use trimming to make two cups of tea a day. Each reports in a journal their feelings about the herbs effectiveness. Everyone will have access to a support group to help with issues of growing or use or side effects.

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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