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Herbs for Depression
Depression can be treated with herbs. The two most commonly used are St John's Wort and Hemp CBD oil.

St John's Wort oil can be purchased at most health food stores at a cost of about $10.00 per one ounce bottle. As you start to use it, put a dropper full of St John.s Wort in a beverage. The effect should be within half an hour.

Continue to use the St John's Wort as needed. You should see a positive effect within a week.

Herbal remedies may not work partly because the depression is based in real unresolved emotional issues. When herbal remedies do not work, it may be prudent to look at an option of therapy.

Fresh St John's Wort - Uplifting tea

Three springs of St. John's Wort
Two springs Stevia
Two hemp CBD leaves
1 pat of butter

Place the leaves in a cup with the pat of butter. Place in microwave for 20 seconds. Then add water and soymilk and heat for one minute.

Hemp CBD oil

Many people are reporting the=at hemp CBD oil is helping with depression. It is worth a try.

Depression can be a life threatening condition and should be recognized as important to address. There are usually community resources that could help.

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